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Bagel Shop in Corvallis, OR

  • Bagels by piece 1.25
  • Bagel by the dozen 13.00

Coffee ShopWhen you visit New York Bagels, you are in for a treat! The warm and charming atmosphere of our coffee bagel shop will instantly relax you while our attentive staff assists you with your orders. We boil and bake our bagels with organic ingredients and only use fresh local veggies, fruits and natural meats. We do not serve pork products and are a fresh owned business.

We are renowned for offering fresh breakfast food and delicious smoothies for a great start to your day. These will be sure to satisfy your taste buds. We carry a wide variety of breakfast and lunch menus with freshly ground espresso so you’re sure to find something that’s to your liking. If coffee is not your cup of tea, we offer a variety of flavorful herbal teas! Whether you’re looking for an awakening breakfast tea to a calming chamomile, our selection is near to endless.

Whenever you are feeling the need of a quiet, homey place to start your day, spot to work or study, we are open for both breakfast and lunch. Our coffee shop aims to provide a tranquil ambiance for our guests. Our shop is unique for its cozy environment and we don’t have the loud, hustle and bustle of many other local coffee shops, which makes us the humble place to be for a calm setting. You can learn more about our cafe by visiting us at New York Bagels in Corvallis, OR.


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